Adventures in Lapbooking

Last year we discovered a homeschooling tool called “lapbooking”.   The covers of the lapbooks are made with specially folded file folders.  Inside of these folders, the kids can put in various mini books, maps, cards, artwork, and pictures that show what they have learned about a subject.  Lapbooks can be used to study science or almost any other subject such as history, literature, Bible, and even math.

We like lapbooking because it gives us a chance to learn together about a topic that the kids are interested in and then to make a portfolio of what we’ve learned that can be reviewed later.  The children work hard to make the lapbook by cutting, creating mini books, and writing in words and sentences (or parts of words and sentences depending on their age and ability) so when it is finished it becomes a treasured possession that they are proud to show off to others.  It’s a great hands-on way to integrate the subject area we are studying with reading and writing and it can be done with children of all ages.  When the lapbook is finished, the kids can decorate it as they choose, so children who like art are likely to enjoy lapbooking as well.

Check out these links that explain lapbooking and provide free materials for making many different kinds of lapbooks.  (This one also has a YouTube video of a mom showing off some of her lapbooks.  Scroll down to the bottom to see it).

In upcoming posts, I plan to show pictures of the lapbooks that the boys and I have created so far .