Crafty Katie

When Austin and Ethan were Katie’s age, they spent lots of time playing with toy trains, cars, and Legos.  Katie plays with toys too, but she spends the majority of her free time creating things out of paper, disposable chopsticks, tape, glue, and staples.  Lots of staples.  In fact, to help her enjoy writing, we recently started a blog for her called Katie’s Craft World.  She comes up with craft ideas and makes them.  Then I photograph her with her crafts and she dictates to me what she wants me to type into her blog to explain how to make her craft.  It’s her first foray into homeschool writing assignments, but without having to worry about spelling or get exhausted from writing it down herself.  I get a kick out of the creative craft ideas she comes up with, like sushi made from origami paper or a mini badminton set made out of drinking straws and staples.

Something else Katie has gotten into is sewing.  Back in 2010 I first gave her a piece of felt and a needle and thread to practice making super simple stitches.  She enjoyed it and since then has been improving in her sewing ability little by litte.  A few months ago, I ordered this kids’ sewing book from and also this one and we put together her very own sewing kit. She was super excited to have her own sewing tools, fabric, and books with various projects in them and she set to work right away to make some of the easy ones.  She can now thread and knot a needle on her own and knows how to do a running stitch and a whipstitch.  So far she has made drink coasters and a “tooth fairy pillow” with a pocket to put the tooth in.  She’s also made a couple of sweet dreams masks (to block out sun while you sleep), stuffed animals, and a blanket with a pocket and a “pocket pal”.

I only know the very basics of sewing, so I’m no expert but I am looking forward to learning alongside Katie as I try to help her gain new skills.  I think it would be fun to take a sewing class with her some day if she continues to be interested.