Delving Into the World of Sharks — Lapbook Style

Austin and Ethan are wild about sea creatures.  They love stingrays, squids, dolphins, and sea horses and many other marine animals.  They are also very intrigued by sharks.  So, they decided they wanted to do a lapbook to learn more about these amazing and fearsome animals.  Through our research we learned tons of interesting facts about sharks.  For example, we learned that sharks are covered with tooth-like scales called denticles  We also read that they can smell just a tiny bit of blood from a huge distance away, and that they sometimes mistake surfers for sea lions because of the shadow they cast from above.  Sharks also have a great sense of hearing.  So, as a safety precaution if you ever fall out of a boat in the ocean you should avoid flailing around and making lots of noise — easier said than done, though, don’t you think?!

We also were introduced to some new species of shark that we had never heard about.  For example, we learned about the gigantic, but gentle whale shark, which doesn’t have teeth and that uses it’s huge mouth to scoop up plankton and small fish.  Whale sharks are gentle enough that humans can safely swim around with them.  Hmmm, I’m starting to get an idea for our next family vacation… 🙂

We downloaded the materials we needed to make this lapbook (for free!) from  Then we added some of our own extras, like an origami hammerhead shark,  this cute shark craft,   and a super delicious and fun to make  “shark-tastic shortbread cookie” recipe that we found at this blog.

Here are links to some more of the websites we used to research sharks for the lapbook:

Here’s a gallery of photos of the finished lapbook and our shark-tastic cookie baking experiences.