Snap Circuits

Ethan and Austin do not always enjoy sitting down to fill out worksheets, but they get very excited about hands-on projects, especially those that involve building something.  So,  when I found the Electronic Snap Circuits kit by Elenco Electronics on I decided to buy it and use it as part of our science curriculum this year.  The kit contains around 300 different projects that kids can make by building electronic circuits, including various alarms and games and other projects involving lights, fans, and sounds.  What’s so cool about this kit is that every part of the circuit easily snaps into a plastic board so there is no need for the kids to get frustrated by trying  to connect the ends of wires to batteries with tape, like a few of the activities we tried last year in our science curriculum.  Austin hasn’t tried any of these projects yet, but Ethan absolutely LOVES them!   One of his favorite projects so far has been one called “flying saucer.”  Following the directions in the kit’s instruction booklet, Ethan made a circuit that launched a small plastic fan blade into the air to simulate a flying saucer.  Needless to say, the flying saucer was launched many times for many different audiences!!   Coming up soon is a project called “laser gun” that Ethan is very anxious to try!   Hopefully the rest of us will survive his experiementing with it! 🙂