The Exciting World of Radishes!

We just finished up a month of studying radishes, using a terrific book by TOPS Learning Systems.  We spent a month creating greenhouses out of milk cartons, learning about things like hydrotropism, phototropism, and geotropism, and testing the effects on radishes of things like overcrowding, lack of light, salt water, and vinegar.  We also closely observed the radish seedlings’ growth and made detailed sketches of their cotyledons, tap roots, hypocotyls, and true leaves.  We had a few extra seedlings left over that we didn’t need for experiments, so we decided to plant them in our vegetable garden with the hope of being able to enjoy some zesty radish salad in a few weeks!  After a little break, we plan to move on to the next TOPS book that involves growing and experimenting with corn and beans.  This was our first time to try a TOPS book, and we loved the clear instructions, the humorous pictures on all the print outs, and the fact that all the experiments could be done using simple items that we already had around the house.  Here are some photos of the kids enjoying their radish experiments.